Author: Michael La Kier

The Power of Influencer Marketing to Conquer Commerce

Think Influencer Marketing can’t drive sales? A company that grew sales almost 21,000% (close to $50,000,000) last year begs to differ. Inc. recently released their annual ranking of the 5000 fastest-growing private companies in America. Halo Top Creamery came in at Number 5. For those not familiar with Halo Top, it sells today’s hottest brand of low-sugar ice cream. It started in 2011 when Justin Woolverton (a lawyer at the time) started playing around to find a lower-calorie ice cream substitute. After toying with Greek Yogurt and fruit, he decided to experiment further with sugar substitutes to set his...

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Are You Confusing People And Convincing Them Not To Buy?

“Choice” is a loaded word. For marketers, choosing is the ultimate litmus test. Marketing is all about understanding customer needs, then delivering products and services to satisfy those demands. Understanding how people choose is therefore critically important. Is marketing doing a good job understanding how people choose? Pretty sure the answer is no. Let’s start the discussion by looking at a picture. A picture of the typical grocery store (actually two photos).   Why a grocery store? The grocery store is perhaps one of the most neurologically challenging environments in the world. Typical grocery stores stock between 15,000 and...

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The Battle for your Wallet has Only Just Begun

What does a Voice-Activated Speaker mean to Your Wallet? This past week, at their annual World Wide Developers Conference, Apple took a shot at further dominance of your wallet. This shot across the bow looked a lot like an innocent home speaker. In reality, the shot was more much more virtual. Virtual Assistant: Music vs Shopping Amazon launched Echo in 2014. Overnight Alexa became the de facto market for Voice-Activated Speakers. Positioned as a virtual home assistant, Alexa helps access the web and Amazon services (fairly) seamlessly. Then came Google Home. Google is the entry point to information for most people...

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Three Ways to Improve eCommerce at Retail

What’s wrong with eCommerce at retail? If you look at the photo above you might just find the core issue. But, first let’s start with… …the story of this photo A few weeks ago I took a trip to my local Walmart. To save time I made a single trip for groceries, toiletries and a few gifts. Things started great. Shopping was fast and easy. The store was well laid out. Prices were very good.  After I finished buying groceries. I looked up at signs located around the store as I was unfamilar with the layout. I quickly found what I was...

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There is Clear Value Merging In-store and Digital Shopping

What is the value of merging In-store and Digital Shopping? This question has existed since ecommerce became possible in 1991. That was the year when the Internet was opened for commercial use. It continued to be a question when digital shopping become more popular a few years later when persistent connections and greater security protocols were put in place. The question was raised again in July, 1995. But no one knew it. That’s the year when a fledgeling online retailer named Amazon opened for business. NO VALUE IN MERGING IN-STORE AND DIGITAL SHOPPING? Back then, most of “progressive retailers”...

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