Author: Michael La Kier

Meal Kits and the Rise of the Lazy Shopper

Meal Kits Mania?!? If you’ve been to a grocery store in the past few months, or paid attention to media recently, you’ve probably come across Meal Kits. Meal Kits are becoming ubiquitous. First with e-commerce and now at many physical grocery chains. Understanding this hyper-growth trend better is important whether you are a manufacturer or retailer. Retail media included the following headlines in the past few weeks tracking the Meal Kits trend: Retailers need to be ‘prepared’ when courting Millennials Walmart Threatens Restaurant Chains With Prepared Meals Kroger Prep + Pared Meal Kits ready to explode in 2018 To...

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What is the Fastest Way to Kill Physical Retail Stores?

Is e-commerce the fastest way to kill physical retail? Today many in retail speak about the impending doom of physical retail given the emergence and acceleration of e-commerce. Regardless of category, e-commerce penetration has deepened and widened among shoppers. Current retail research indicates 51% of Americans prefer online shopping, with e-commerce growing 23% year-over-year. Stores are closing at a rampant pace, so it only stands to reason that the fastest way to kill physical retail is e-commerce. Despite this, some 90% of retail sales still happen in a physical store. So, is e-commerce the fastest way to kill physical...

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Male Shoppers: Opportunity or Target of Ridicule?

The role, and importance, of Male Shoppers is changing  Gender roles and acceptance seem to shift almost daily. Commerce – whether it is of the digital or physical variety – is impacted by this shift as well. It’s a long held belief (stereotype, perhaps) that male shoppers are ‘hunters’. They are tactical about shopping and are focused on the end goal. “Get In and Get Out” seems to be the mantra most often used (whether it’s shopping for clothing or shopping for groceries). Female shoppers are perceived as more “Thinkers” or “Planners” as they are more strategic about shopping....

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Brands Doing Good Are Doing Great

The Macrotrend of Purpose Driven Brands “Think Beyond Profit: People Now Buy on Purpose” is the most popular article on Shopper Matters this year. It highlights the macrotrend of consumers and shoppers seeking brands that represent something greater than themselves. As the end of the year is approaching, it makes sense to analyze the performance of Brands Doing Good. Brands Doing Good can be divided into two types: (1) Adopted, and (2) Interwoven. Brands that Adopt a philosophy of doing good seek out opportunities that fit well with their business, but they were not created as such. A few...

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The Power of Influencer Marketing to Conquer Commerce

Think Influencer Marketing can’t drive sales? A company that grew sales almost 21,000% (close to $50,000,000) last year begs to differ. Inc. recently released their annual ranking of the 5000 fastest-growing private companies in America. Halo Top Creamery came in at Number 5. For those not familiar with Halo Top, it sells today’s hottest brand of low-sugar ice cream. It started in 2011 when Justin Woolverton (a lawyer at the time) started playing around to find a lower-calorie ice cream substitute. After toying with Greek Yogurt and fruit, he decided to experiment further with sugar substitutes to set his...

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