Author: Michael La Kier

Measuring the Value of Big Data for Shopper Marketing

“The future will be owned by Data Ninjas” A good friend and colleague made this prophesy years ago when I created the Digital Shopper Marketing Center of Excellence at Coca-Cola. He went on to describe his vision for the future of marketing – and commerce in general. His point was simple. The future will be won by who can best understand and take advantage of ever-increasing information. 6+ years since that time, data – and specifically the term Big Data – has entered our lexicon in a big way. There are multiple definitions for Big Data. And, multiple platforms for extracting value from Big...

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Digital Technologies: What’s Working for Shoppers

How much have digital technologies changed shopping? The ‘steps’ within the Shopper Path-to-Purchase have remained unchanged. Plan-Shop-Evaluate. But how shoppers go through those steps has radically changed given digital, mobile and social technologies. The past decade has given Shoppers more tools than ever to navigate their everyday lives and shopping is no different. The vast majority of Americans – 95% – now own a cellphone of some kind. 77% of Americans that own smartphones. Whether it is as simple as buying toothpaste or ordering a new car, the Internet and the devices people use to access it, have reduced friction from the...

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Physical Moved to Digital, Now Digital Returns the Favor…

The growth of eCommerce – totaling roughly $334BN in 2015 – is the driving force behind retail sales, despite being less than 10% of total sales. Up from just over $91BN since 2005, it is doing much to dislocate and upset the retail world we know. Many brands that existed just a few years are gone, and many of those still here are shrinking their physical footprint. However, this disruptive force is making waves in other areas. After comparing the promise of  eCommerce vs eAdvertising ($350BN vs $60BN), Social Media platforms are now pivoting to create ‘Social Commerce’ platforms: Pinterest has...

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