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Getting Shopper Marketing Messaging Right

Getting Shopper Marketing Messaging right is a critical part of a marketer’s job. Why? Simple, this is an opportunity to talk to the shopper at the most critical moment – when they are face to face with brands in a retail environment. In store, the shelf (or a display) is the last place you can convince a shopper to pick up your brand and buy it. And, this makes it critical – especially given how quickly people shop today. Here are Best Practices for
Getting Shopper Marketing Messaging Right.

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How Great Shopper Marketing Can Make Retail Better

More is the new Retail Reality. There is more of everything: More Stores. More Formats. More Competition. More Products. More information. Retailers are under tremendous pressure to make retail better. And, shoppers? Shoppers are more promiscuous than ever. Mobile phones and eCommerce sites put information within easy reach. Actually, not just information, but when you can order via voice activated tools like Amazon’s Alexa and Google Home, buying is just a sentence away. This adds even greater pressure on retail because there is a lack of shopper loyalty. More than ever before. A ROUGH ENVIRONMENT IN WHICH TO OPERATE It’s a...

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Why Shopper Marketing is Relevant Today

The creation and evolution of Shopper Marketing emerged from a simple realization: Brands can enhance sales and increase return on investment if they can successfully reach and influence people when in “shopping mode”. Big Data Birthed Shopper Marketing A significant factor in the rise of Shopper Marketing was the availability of high quality data. At first this was primarily shopper card data from retailer loyalty programs. But, with the explosion of Big Data, information sources have expanded to CPG loyalty programs, credit card data, social media and other behavioral sources. But, the fundamental question is: What is Shopper Marketing, and is...

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