Author: Jon Kramer

Is It Time For A Shopper Marketing Reboot?

The Tie That Binds Is it time for a Shopper Marketing reboot? With the benefit of 20/20 hindsight, in 2007, Shopper Marketing seemed to leap almost fully formed into the industry vernacular. It was driven by the Deloitte/GMA report, “Capturing A Shoppers Mind Heart and Wallet.” The report was filled with what seems to be common sense today, such as: The Store Is Compelling and an Ideal Marketing Canvas Transformational Change Is Required, and It’s Quite Complex The Industry is a Believer and the Time is Right In reality, Shopper Marketing programs, called Co-Marketing, was being practiced, as a...

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What Will Emerge From Today’s Retail Chaos?

Relentless Retail Chaos Is it too early to suggest that, perhaps, a little consistency is beginning to emerge from retail’s seemingly relentless recent changes? It’s risky to make an assumption like this given all the retail chaos.  No one knows what news will break and be the next industry-changing moment. Some recent examples? Unilever buying Dollar Shave Club to better understand digital engagement. Walmart buying to jumpstart its e-commerce push. Lidl deciding the time is right to enter the U.S. And, Amazon buying Whole Foods to strengthen its grocery play (and start an unprecedented industry panic in the process)....

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Industrial Revolution 2.0 – Did You Miss the Email?

An Abbreviated Look at the Market Dynamics of the Second Industrial Revolution The last industrial revolution lasted 80 years (1760–1840), and it marked one of the major turning points in our collective past. Some economists say this is because the standard of living consistently improved for the first time in history. This period also saw dramatic shifts in the way we work. In 1800, 80% of Americans toiled on farms; today, less than 2%. Despite this shift today’s farm workers produce massively more per capita in much better conditions. Today, we are in the midst of another monumental shift: Industrial...

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On The Path To Purchase…Don’t Lose Sight of Your Supply Chain

Don’t Lose Sight of the Value of Your Supply Chain The Path to Purchase is defined as ”the route shoppers take from discovery of a product/need, to actual purchase of a product”. This is a major focus of the FMCG (fast moving consumer goods) industry. There’s an “Institute” and a “Magazine” dedicated to the Path to Purchase. Many consultants have made millions building complicated algorithms and processes to understand this complex “journey”. According to Cadent Consulting, Shopper Marketing accounts for over 13% of many marketing budgets. Budgets that are up over 200% since 2012 – a $17 Billion increase....

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Winning The Battle For Shopper Loyalty

Are we Missing the BIG Picture? In a zeal to chase the siren song of new technology manufacturers and retailers may be missing the bigger picture. The key question is not ‘what is the best technology to use’? The big picture to focus on is “how do we assure shopper loyalty to our stores”? This “mission” is very different if you are selling toothpaste vs. tuxedoes. For FMCG (fast moving consumer goods) retailers, it may be as simple as making the store more intuitive to navigate for busy shoppers with not much time on their hands. I find I’m more comfortable in stores...

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