The Spookiest Time of the Year?

Halloween means it’s time to get shopping. It’s time to get the kids ready for trick-or-treating. Halloween means big business, too. Almost 70% of people plan to celebrate Halloween. We’ll spend an average of $87 each which is expected to reach $9.0 Billion according to The National Retail Federation. Over 9 in 10 celebrants will buy candy, while others will spend their Halloween budgets on decorations, greeting cards and costumes for themselves, children…or even their pets.

Here at Shopper Matters we love Halloween. This season is perfect for our on-going “Shopper Snapshots” Series. Below are some of our favorite images from the 2018 Halloween season so far. Take a look and be sure to check back for more as the season progresses. 


Pirate’s treasure for certain. Did you know 95% of people celebrating Halloween plan to buy candy. That brings up the question of what the other 5% are planning to do?  


While candy may be king for kids at Halloween, beverages are big business. Pumpkin spice is showing up in more and more products. How about a Sparkling Pumpkin Apple Cider?

Shearing is Caring 

There is no denying that kids love candy. And, Halloween is THE time brands pull out all the stops to get their products into your cart and into the bags of trick-or-treaters.


More than 175 million Americans plan to partake in Halloween festivities. So that means plenty of entertaining…before, during and after the kids go around the neighborhood!


Halloween parties call for more than just food. This display speaks to the parents. The key, however, is to stay sober until the kids go to bed. Know what we mean? 

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