Author: Peter V.S. Bond

Mobile Engagement is a Now a Retail Necessity

Mobile Engagement IS NOT OPTIONAL The era of retailers not engaging their customers through mobile digital channels has ended faster than expected. Hardly 18 months ago, the “luxury” of robust mobile engagement was left to large conventional retailers with ample budgets. Since then, mobile (either app or mobile web) has been rapidly adopted by customers as the best method to help make purchase decisions. Over 60% of people use mobile in-store to search for product information and savings opportunities according to the Valassis 2K17 report. The answer to is not to simply “have a mobile app”.  Rather it’s to...

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How “Customer First” Devotion Set a Growth Record

Setting a World Record Before discussing the value of customer devotion today, let’s go back 56 years. In the summer of 1961, Yankees teammates Roger Maris and Mickey Mantle traded longballs in the Bronx as baseball fans watched in amazement. In the end, Maris emerged victorious, setting the Major League Baseball record for the most home runs by a player in a single season. 56 years after Maris’ incredible feat, another seemingly impossible record was established. The Kroger Company’s streak of 52 consecutive quarters of same store sales growth came to an end. Right now everyone is enamored with the...

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Where’s the Shopper in PetSmart’s Acquisition of

On April 18, PetSmart announced the intent to acquire 6-year-old online pet retailer Less than 2 years after it had itself been sold to a private equity firm. The reported $3.35 Billion price tag surpassed the deal that Walmart executed in its purchase of online retailer for $3 Billion. the largest eCommerce transaction in history Analysts speculate the move was based on PetSmart’s need to expand its reach into more value-oriented shopper segments. The question remains: how shopper-focused was this business decision? A more detailed examination of the facts might indicate that buying was a pre-emptive strike...

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Closing the Loop on 360 Degree Personalization

Traditional retailers and manufacturers are anxious to realize the promise that behavior-based personalization might deliver for engaging shoppers in a post-circular world. While great strides in personalization have been made over the last decade, the focus has been squarely on driving traffic to brick and mortar locations, only to have the intimacy end at the front door. Technology is about ready to extend the 1-to-1 connection between the retailer and its shoppers to include a store’s real-time merchandising conditions. We’ve Come So Far Retailers are continuing to reduce their investment in traditional printed circulars. They are taking pages out...

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